The Nest [NA/EU] Tired of playing alone? Want to meet some awesome Tarkov players and people? Players of all levels welcome. Join now!

2021.10.18 18:03 xSERP3NT The Nest [NA/EU] Tired of playing alone? Want to meet some awesome Tarkov players and people? Players of all levels welcome. Join now!

About Us
We're a mature, 18+ community of almost 600 who all have a passion for Escape from Tarkov among other games, as well as technology. We welcome players of any skill level, and are happy to help newer players learn the ins and outs of the game, complete tasks, make money, etc. It doesn't matter if you're new to the game or have been playing the game for years, you will always find someone to play with at a desired skill level.
Community Perks
- Max boosted Discord server (1080p streams and clearest audio channels).
- Non-toxic, welcoming community of just about 600 members means you will never have to play alone again.
- Community events and giveaways (BF2042, RedRebel recently given away) - Helpful and responsive mod team that can help with any issue/question
- Room for growth (if you enjoy modding/recruiting/etc.)
- Many highly knowledgable tech members who can help you set up OBS if you wanted to start streaming. We have also helped members obtain new graphics cards (Seriously, we've helped 4 people get graphics cards from NewEgg and Amazon.) This shows how wonderful of a group we've built.
Other Games We Play
- Battlefield 2042 (we will have multiple rented servers/portal servers, Platoon etc)
- Call of Duty
- New World
- Destiny -
The Division
- Diablo And many others
If you're tired of playing alone, and want to find your new community to call home. Look no further. Swing on by and say hello to the group.
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2021.10.18 18:03 Nikhilvoid THE Queen has had her tax bill slashed by thousands of pounds for three Scottish shooting estates including Balmoral. Small local businesses like pubs and schools will pay higher business rates than the Queen’s deer stalking enterprises

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2021.10.18 18:03 jdignon The Great River is the longest river in Middle Earth.

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2021.10.18 18:03 PlanetToday PLANET TODAY: NASA Astronaut Wanted Help From Obama On Alien Disclosure. Former advisor of president Obama, John Podesta and NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell were planning a meeting to talk about disclosing government information on aliens(ETI). According to the leaked e-mail on Wikileaks, send on June

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2021.10.18 18:03 ctownthrowaway7 37 [M4F] #Boston Cum on my Face 💦

Fully vaxxxed good looking 36yo white professional looking for a sexually driven woman who can cum from oral. Please also be vaccinated! My fantasy is eating you in every way you like, using my fingers as directed, and hopefully rewarding you with an orgasm, and myself with a face covered in your juices. If you get very wet, love oral, and want to have a good time, please let me know! All ages/races/body types adored. Covid and std negative - please be the same! Message me for pics and details. Don’t be shy!
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2021.10.18 18:03 burkelarsen What are you brewing for the Holidays?

I'm usually pretty bad at planning to brew ahead of time to tap a beer in its intended season. But this year I managed to finalize a solid plan to fill the kegerator for the holiday season with appropriate homebrews!
Yesterday I just brewed up a clone of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, a very malty and slightly sweet IPA with fresh hops I grew (Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial). Never would have thought of an IPA as a Christmas beer but was introduced to it last year and loved it.
Also have a Belgian Dubbel aging for a few months to tap for a Christmas party.
So what are you working on (or going to work on) for the Holidays? Spiced beers, Belgian abbey ales, dark and malty stouts, etc? Those of you who plan ahead enough for pumpkin beers and Oktoberfests, I salute you!
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2021.10.18 18:03 Torchlight_Press Free Adventure: Marauders of the Lost Tomb

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2021.10.18 18:03 levi8771 Auto Petter

So I've been hunting for this item forever in skull cavern and the regular mine. According to sources it's a rare drop in the regular mine with the shrine of challenge, and you can sometimes get it as a drop in skull cavern and find it in chests. Has anyone actually achieved this though? I've been doing this for hours and not seen it yet.
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2021.10.18 18:03 dagonzo_adventures The Harvester

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2021.10.18 18:03 Older_Than_Avg Some people call him the Space Cowboy...

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2021.10.18 18:03 Recent_Court Kitchen behind the driver cabin?

Most van conversions have their kitchen at the sliding door. I had the opportunity to have a glimpse into a design where the kitchen is just behind the driver cabin and I found it had a much larger space feeling (see images).
Is there any major disadvantage in placing the kitchen behind the driver cabin instead of at the sliding door?
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2021.10.18 18:03 psychedelicloophole Evil Kevin be Like:

“And every time she took her bra off my dick would get hard”.
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2021.10.18 18:03 MeditatingMunky Haunted Mansion [Part 1] [45x30]

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2021.10.18 18:03 belalreda KS Dragon Overhaul 2

Why does setting AI settings to "LONGER GROUND" in combat style make the dragon NEVER LAND
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2021.10.18 18:03 Necrolytus Immortalizing TeamSpirit.Collapse's horn tossing Magnus, what an MVP!

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2021.10.18 18:03 J_meaux MAGNIFYING GLASS

In desperate need of a magnifying glass. Willing to pay. Please it’s urgent.
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2021.10.18 18:03 Ace_08093 Rates in Philly / South Jersey...

I think we can all agree the rates in SJ and Philly are atrocious. .69mi/.24min in philly and a disgusting .62mi/.17min in South Jersey.
I live in SJ and I refuse to drive here. Most rides are 12-15minutes just to pick up while in the city it's <5minutes sometimes <1 and we actually get less for SJ. I was talking with a rider who went from philly to SJ last night and they were saying it's difficult to get an Uber in Jersey. It's almost like Uber doesn't care if people in SJ drive at all...
Anyway... I was thinking, Uber seems to be somewhat responsive to requests at least for riders, so maybe if everyone in this reddit who's part of the Philly/SJ driver pool all sends a message to uber in the same week politely demanding a 25% increase in mile/minute rates for SJ and Philly, maybe just MAYBE they'll consider it... Or at least bump the quests back up to something that makes it worth it.
This weeks quest is pathetic... Only +100 for 40 trips. Not even worth my time to drive this week... Lyft has +250 for 20 though so I'll probably bang that out one night.
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2021.10.18 18:03 daemon_of_chaos Update database to set added date to release date

I recently updated my movie collection and as a result the Recently Added carousel is now not really correct. Can someone advise me or link me to how can I update the database to set a movie's added date to the release date?
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2021.10.18 18:03 sfitzgerald1993 Tips on throwing a party?

Hi everyone,
I’ve been living in Salem for over a year now, and I am planning on throwing a small (Covid safe) Halloween party. I told my friends to take the train in if possible, as driving/parking would be a nightmare. I understand that taking the train may not be possible for some, so I’m wondering do you have any tips on parking? I don’t really live in a touristy area (I’m near coffee time). Are there any lots nearby that maybe tourists don’t know about? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.18 18:03 Regular_Sea5199 Truck owner

Hi folks, Im new to the truck business, i just wanted some advice, if you own a truck what the best company to put it under, I’m not an owner driver, what are some of the pros and cons, or what better option are available if there is instead putting it under a company?
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2021.10.18 18:03 Grand_Blaster GrandBlaster - Do or Die

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2021.10.18 18:03 irgens Walrus up for a quick snack

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2021.10.18 18:03 saddiebitch My dad keeps on threatening to pull me out of private school

It’s not even that I’m messing around or getting bad grades, all I focus on is doing well in school.
He just has a bruised ego because when he yells at me or calls me names, I yell back.
It’s not okay. I’m a child, a teenager, and he’s a 50+ year old man. He’s not supposed to have temper tantrums if I don’t grovel and lick the floor when he tells me I’m not enough, that I’m lazy, stupid, immature and am less than half of what he was at my age.
My mom tells me it’s because he cares, because he’s worried about me, but I don’t understand that logic. He “wants me to do well in life” but then tells me he’ll take me out of private school if I don’t apologise for him calling me stupid? Truly grasping at straws now.
All he wants is a hierarchical family dynamic where he can do zero parenting and all verbal abuse he wants, and for me to accept and “appreciate” (lmao??) it.
This is the first time we’ve spoken in weeks. I’m glad he’s going on a work trip soon so I don’t have to know his presence in my home.
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2021.10.18 18:03 DomBoss8 If AJ Brown is out tonight.

If AJ Brown is out tonight, who would you expect to step in to take his snaps.
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2021.10.18 18:03 Dannig178 Im Yoon-ah

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