Welcome To Factory

2021.10.18 18:52 Full_Shock4629 Welcome To Factory

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2021.10.18 18:52 NFT_DigitalArt 🔥POLYGOTCHI NFT GIVEAWAY 🔥 as we’re having first sales we decided to limit our generous giveaways so don’t miss this chance!! 💥 Upvote, drop your wallet below and join our Telegram group!! (Link in comments) [X-post from /r/opensea]

🔥POLYGOTCHI NFT GIVEAWAY 🔥 as we’re having first sales we decided to limit our generous giveaways so don’t miss this chance!! 💥 Upvote, drop your wallet below and join our Telegram group!! (Link in comments) [X-post from /opensea] submitted by NFT_DigitalArt to DigitalItems [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 18:52 iamallthatisfunko Rca video disc concept nipper made by me

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2021.10.18 18:52 sirhedgenald [for hire] Halloween sale! Grab a commission before the day of terror~

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2021.10.18 18:52 NM556 Blessed be your Monday

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2021.10.18 18:52 geecka Imma just leave this here.

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2021.10.18 18:52 ZardozSama Looking back, my life went down the crapper right about the time I had a serious origami fetish.

I could never stop even though I never found a solution to all the paper cuts.
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2021.10.18 18:52 volvokari ableton users in or around North Carolina

doesn’t matter what you’re into. Just want to meet more of y’all in my area.
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2021.10.18 18:52 Puca86 Lost Ferret Worcester Ma Sunday October 17th our male sable ferret accidentally escaped outside. We have been searching everywhere for him and can't find him. We have called local animal leagues, left his bedding and food out, called pet stores etc. Im sharing here just in case.

Lost Ferret Worcester Ma Sunday October 17th our male sable ferret accidentally escaped outside. We have been searching everywhere for him and can't find him. We have called local animal leagues, left his bedding and food out, called pet stores etc. Im sharing here just in case. submitted by Puca86 to ferrets [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 18:52 RS_Pete Printing from Sketcher /Part Design

Printing from Sketcher /Part Design I have a horrible feeling this may have been done to death however is it possible to do a print of a 2d drawing from Sketcher or Part design?
I have this that I want to print
However when I go to print preview I see this

Can anyone explain how I can print this please?
(It's the port side of the cabin of my narrowboat showing current window positions. I wanted to check a couple of assumptions and thought a print I could annotate would be helpful,,,,, I have several more like this!)
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2021.10.18 18:52 kingmathers9 Finished Week 7 SQL in 2 days, it was so fun and easy to comprehend:))

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2021.10.18 18:52 ChangeTheWorld123 CHECK OUT THE VID!!!

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2021.10.18 18:52 TrickFee4966 Venom 2 Download Full Movie

Venom 2 Download Full Movie Venom 2 Download Full Movie October 18, 2021
Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage (2021) 📷 6.4/10📷Eddie Brock is still struggling to coexist with the shape-shifting extraterrestrial Venom. When deranged serial killer Cletus Kasady also becomes host to an alien symbiote, Brock and Venom must put aside their differences to stop his reign of terror.
Download Link - https://cybersecurityfile.blogspot.com/2021/10/venom-2-download-full-movie.html
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2021.10.18 18:52 TheSource777 Yahoo Fantasy Plus - "Start Optimal Players"

If I pay for premium Yahoo fantasy, will it auto start my players for more than a week ahead, or will it auto adjust who starts on a given day based on who's healthy and whatnot?
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2021.10.18 18:52 fosterthrowaway728 How to set up cribs and beds for home study?

Hi all,
I have one extra bedroom and want to get licensed for up to 2 children 0-13. I am totally fine buying two beds and two cribs to have around, but how should I have this set up for my home study? Obviously if I know a baby is coming, I’ll swap a crib for a bed or whatever swap is necessary, but I’m just wondering if it would be acceptable to have two beds set up in the room and show them I have cribs that I could swap if needed.
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2021.10.18 18:52 chonkyloli what is smartposts title?

Is it P916? Trying to get my suster whos autistuc a job, but for smartpost since its lightweight boxes.
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2021.10.18 18:52 happycowsmmmcheese Everyone warned me that it would be hard to find a job. I was so optimistic.

I finished my Master's just before Summer. I did everything right. I spent all of my time in grad school preparing to get a job at a community college. I worked three teaching jobs at a time as a grad student so that I would have experience. I got letters of recommendation. I did an internship that should have opened doors.
And I've got nothing. I'm delivering food for uber eats. And I'm struggling to grapple with the fact that, not only have I not found a job in higher education, I haven't even recieved a single response from any school I've applied to.
I'm depressed again for the first time in years. Things are not going well. I should have listened. I should have had a backup plan. I have nothing.
I have no experience doing anything other than teaching college students. I am trying to branch out and find other career paths, but I don't know where to go or what to do. I could use some advice. I'd like to help people, especially homeless folks or incarcerated/formerly incarcerated people. But even those jobs require skills and experience that I don't have. Where do I go from here??
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2021.10.18 18:52 libert8tor Doggy insomnia?

TL;DR: My ~2 year old rescue pup I’ve had for a little over a year has all the sudden started waking up and crying in the crate around 12-1am.
More details: He’s a bully/Bluetick coonhound mix I rescued a year ago, very anxious, had been surrendered 3 times. Total sweetheart, but can be rambunctious when anxious. He’s on Trazodone but we have weened him down to a much smaller dose, which he has done great with.
We have crate trained him from day one, after the first night of crying. He loves it, will put himself in there when he gets sleepy all the time. 2-3 weeks ago, he started getting up early (5 am, 30-45 min before me, and I usually wake him up) and crying in the crate a few mornings. I chalked it up to lack of activity the day before and too much napping/throwing off his schedule. This past week, he has started screaming crying in the crate around 12-1am inconsolably. First nights it happened I ran out looking to see if he was injured/scared or anything. Nothing. Then tried to let him out to go pee, but nothing. Tried a walk, and still freaking out. Eventually I gave up, slept on the couch and he snuggled up with me after 30 min of anxious pacing. Last night, I simply let him out of his crate and he stopped almost instantly. Is this an issue with his crate and if so why all the sudden?
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2021.10.18 18:52 Putrid_Charity5624 SELLING EMBER SHORES PACKAGE

I wanted to reach out to you guys because I have a package to ILLENIUM's Ember Shores festival from December 3-5 at the luxurious Paradisus Cancún Resort. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join in the magic due to work obligations. I have two spots available for "The Reserve Luxury Junior Suite Lagoon View - King Room". I would love to give someone who appreciates great music an opportunity to experience an amazing weekend, so whoever would like the package, feel free to contact me! First come, first serve. AND LET YOUR FRIENDS KNOW!! THANK YOU GUYS!!

Processing img njouuu4wn8u71...
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2021.10.18 18:52 RavenBoateng FFPuppy - Fully Doxed and Trusted Dev - Burned LP - Low Market Cap - Massive Marketing!

Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy) The Contract ID for Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy) is: 0xa9667d44b0f9d0fb7541869b59203b86bc867249
Based on Elon's Tweet, made by trusted and fully doxed developer GenTokens.
Is it Safe?
✅ 100% of the Liquidity is burned - It can NEVER be removed! 🔥
✅ The Dev is Fully Doxed and well known with many proven safe projects 👮🏻‍♀️
✅ The contract has hard-coded fee limits (max fee possible 12%) 🔒
✅ No Team Tokens - No Dev Tokens - 100% of supply added to PancakeSwap! 💎
✅ Ongoing aggressive marketing from an experienced team 💰

Meet the Developer
The developer is Gen of GenTokens (AKA Steve) why is this important?

✅ Gen is fully doxed, this is his LinkedIn profile - He is well trusted and will never rug!

Gen has had this LinkedIn profile for many many years. This is proper doxing! You can find out all about him on his profile. This is not some BS account that was created 5 mins before the project launched!

✅ Gen is the developer on many safe proven projects,
Gen has proven himself over and over. He has created many safe tokens for other teams and is very well known and trusted in crypto space. Gen is the developer on Muso, Gallant, Seismic, Foxgirl, GeniusBoy and Many Others

✅ Gen is a popular YouTuber.... YES - The Developer has his own YouTube Channel!
Gen's has his own popular YouTube Channel! This means that the project gets constant exposure on YouTube! This saves thousands of marketing dollars. Gen's YouTube is renowned for helping people fight the scammers, he has a strong loyal following and provides excellent educational crypto content.

Part of the "Making Elon Safu" Family
Floki Frunk Puppy doesn't stand alone. It is proud to be part of the Making Elon Safu family of tokens. These are tokens based on Elon's Tweets that have very strict rules, to ensure they are 100% safe.
To find out more about the Making Elon Safu project, please watch this video
Official Making Elon Safu Links
Telegram: https://t.me/makingelonsafu Website: https://makingelonsafu.cc/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElonSafu

'Making Elon Safu' Token Rules
✅ 100% of the initial Liquidity is BURNED! 🔥
✅ Auto Liquidity is sent directly to BURN! 🔥
✅ Hard-coded fee limits - The max fee possible is locked at 12% 👮🏻‍♀️
✅ Contract created and managed by trusted and doxed developer GenTokens. 🔒
✅ Fair Launch - No team tokens, no pre-sale, no discounts for anybody. ❤️

There are no team members that can "Go Rogue"
Gen is the only person that has access to the contract and the marketing wallet.
Most projects have a full team of people that have access to the contract and marketing wallet. Unfortunately, we have seen team members "go rogue" on dozens of projects - We have all seen telegram groups that have been muted and paused, with a pinned message saying 'someone on the team stole the money, we are sorry , we lost too!' That can NEVER happen here! There are no team members with access to the contract, marketing wallet or liquidity, there is nobody that can go rogue. Gen is the only person with access to anything. This is as safe as it gets!

Marketing for Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy)
Marketing is very aggressive, click here to see out reddit posts

Many Crypto YouTubers are already talking about this project

The developer (GenTokens) is the host of a popular Crypto Currency YouTube Channel. He is consistently promoting this token via his Channel.
Gen is currently in talks with many YouTuber influencers negotiating AMA's to further promote the Floki Frunk Puppy, as well as the 'Making Elon Safu' concept

Leveraging the Viral Power of Gleam Giveaways
Gleam is a powerful giveaway platform that leverages viral social media sharing to massively raise awareness of a project.
We are doing constant giveaways via Gleam to bring new investors into the project.
To enter the contest people need to retweet a Tweet, this immediately spread awareness of the giveaway.
To increase their chances of winning, they must promote the project, by replying to a crypto influencers Tweet or posting a comment on a Crypto influencers YouTube video. This action is virally spreading awareness of the token.
To further (massively) increase their chances of winning, participants can buy the token. This helps to pump the chart and bring in new investors.
Gen has been using the Gleam platform to run giveaways for many years. He has a gaming and giveaway channel on YouTube with over 15,000 subscribers.

Ongoing Plans, Roadmap and Use-case
To begin, we are focusing on raising awareness of the project and tokens. We are promoting very aggressively via social media (Twitter, Reddit, YouTube etc.) Over time, as each tokens becomes more stable, we will begin to introduce new marketing avenues, including...

As the project grows we will be supporting small charities, where our contributions can have a huge impact on peoples lives.

The Contract ID for Floki Frunk Puppy (FFPuppy) is: 0xa9667d44b0f9d0fb7541869b59203b86bc867249

ref: CM_FFP_1810
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2021.10.18 18:52 RonBry1987 Canadian prices.

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2021.10.18 18:52 YaBoySpicyMayo I’ve only been here for a day and I already don’t like it. Bye lol

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2021.10.18 18:52 tyrannosaur85 Blue & Grey-Blue Bowie Barrel Fighter.

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2021.10.18 18:52 Kalkrex-625 So what's up with the CoS Spoilers flair?

Okay so I was just sorting the posts by flairs cause I was bored and I noticed the CoS Spoilers flair, and so far only this post has used the post and I am really confused right now.

Please explain dear Moderators:
u/Wintersmith7, u/leakycauldron, u/eerongal, u/Duke_Paul, u/Smashman2004, u/Skyy-High, u/The_R4ke, u/NzLawless, u/BenBenBenBe
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2021.10.18 18:52 01throwaway03 Should I keep my car or trade it in?

I recently put a down payment on a used car from a car lot and 2 days after driving it off the lot it quits at a stop sign. It started back up but now I’m having issues with the brakes. Should I just keep it or try to trade it in? I feel like I can’t trust it anymore.
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