Taiwan couple suspected of negligent homicide in building fire on Oct 14 that killed 46 people

2021.10.18 20:01 autotldr Taiwan couple suspected of negligent homicide in building fire on Oct 14 that killed 46 people

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CHIAYI, TAIWAN - Taiwanese prosecutors said that a couple were suspected of setting a fire and negligent homicide after 46 people were killed and dozens of others injured last week in the island's deadliest building blaze in more than two decades.
The prosecutors accused the 51-year-old woman, who was identified only by her surname, Huang, of failing to extinguish an incense coil when she left the 13-storey mixed-used building in the southern port city of Kaohsiung early on Thursday.
The unattended coil, which was in her room on the building's first floor, sparked a blaze that quickly engulfed the higher floors, making it difficult for the residents - mostly poorer and older people who had been asleep at the time - to escape.
Piles of garbage had accumulated on lower floors and in the stairwells, which fire officials said had accelerated the spread of the fire and impeded rescue efforts.
At the time of the fire, the building was inhabited by squatters, gamblers, sex workers and older and poorer people.
On Monday, Taiwan's Interior Minister, Mr Hsu Kuo-Yung, ordered local officials to create an inventory of all the island's older buildings within one month, and to complete inspections of the public safety and fire facilities of such structures within three months.
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2021.10.18 20:01 Cold_Masterpiece_215 Example of Dark Hero and Light Villain. lore

What archetypes?
Dark Hero opposite of Light Villain
Light Villain opposite of Dark Hero
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2021.10.18 20:01 Yonix360 Dad dropped by to give me this (opened) party box that he got for free (!) from a customer.

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2021.10.18 20:01 trickalii Where is the consistent logic when it comes to animal rights?

(Not a philosopher)
Like why do we give animals the inability to consent when it comes to bestiality but take away that same inability to consent when them being used as food is involved. or them being neutered or nonconsensual insemination? ive had this thought for a while but i was able to formulate it properly recently. it just seems extremely hypocritical that as a society we place certain values on animals but then take those same values away when faced with inconvenience and pretend like thats right. but the point of this post is, is this whole situation logically sound (animals cant consent to sex but consent doesnt come into it when it comes to being bred and killed for food, or being neutered etc.)? if anyones had this thought process and was able to come to a sound conclusion why this is the case and it makes sense, id like to hear your thoughts.
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2021.10.18 20:01 Alicia123123123 Let me show you my lovely cat.

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2021.10.18 20:01 Henrieerik Spent quite a few hours on this, please leave a like if you enjoyed the video

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2021.10.18 20:01 Franciane32 Será que você possui essas 3 habilidades?

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2021.10.18 20:01 mrkyro Anxiety attacks during fear phase?

My pup is now around 9-10 months old and last week he started having what I can only characterize as anxiety attacks - extended periods of panting, pacing, and visible stress with no discernable cause. We live in a highrise and there hasn't been anything new, though occasionally you can hear the garbage chute or AC kick on.
I can't think of any real triggers or causes for this - his diet and stool have all been normal, and the vet said that he was healthy. Anyone encounter this before? Could it just be the result of a fear phase starting?
Up until now he's been energetic and sometimes excitable, but always with some cause - he still gets a 40-60 minute walk in the morning, and another shorter walk at night.
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2021.10.18 20:01 SprintStarStudios Junior Composer for hire(cheap)

Message me if you are interested and I can send some of my recent work!
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2021.10.18 20:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: mort

mort translates to death
Fill in missing translations @ https://wordofthehour.org/translations
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2021.10.18 20:01 techfan1328 pc not booting up

hi i have not so recently bought a hp all in one and it has had recently had a problem booting up and says that automatic repair failed.
i have a bootable usb on hand if i can install win 10 on the hard drive on without problems
i unfortunately cannot specify the specs or device version cuz i dont know them (yet)
i am not in usa
pls help quick because im getting yelled at rn
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2021.10.18 20:01 Sparxx_Interface [FO4] Mod Spotlight: Provisioner and Supply Line Management System

I just wanted to spotlight this fantastic mod: Provisioner and Supply Line Management System

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2021.10.18 20:01 Shu_Revan This is why you should avoid loading TM in Territory Wars

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2021.10.18 20:01 Proflongshot Giratina on me!

4271 3560 9226
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2021.10.18 20:01 unnervinglynervous You suck on a big level.

Please kid, I was obviously using a hyperbole to get a point across, not intended to be taken in a literal sense. You should go back to Instagram where you follow the nutritional facts accounts, maybe you'll actually learn something.
I have an International Baccalaureate Diploma and a high intelligence Quotient (IQ of 142 in the Stanford-Binet scale), I obviously know better than you.
Pfffft. 24k karma in three years? You either don't have a life of you are a karma farming not. Maybe that would explain the dumb comments all across the site that you leave all day.
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2021.10.18 20:01 OsoaReddit Is the Witcher 1 worth playing now?

I'm getting into the serious and have heard mixed reviews about it... I also have all 3 of the games owned and downloaded but am not sure whether it is worth playing Witcher 1. Would like to hear spoiler-free opinions.
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2021.10.18 20:01 Yung_cheeks2020 me_irl

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2021.10.18 20:01 injectiveprotocol_1 Injective Explorer Release

The new Injective Explorer has launched!
The Injective Explorer is an analytics platform that enables anyone to search addresses, trades, tokens, transactions, and other activities on the Injective Chain. Users can now view detailed information regarding every single action that occurs on-chain, enabling a higher degree of overall transparency for everyone.
The Injective Explorer goes far beyond global transaction search capabilities. Internally, there were a number of backend optimizations and refactoring that lead to a significant performance boost. On a frontend level, there is an upgraded user interface that follows the Injective rebrand guidelines and was designed with user experience in mind.
You can also view specific trades that occurred on any of Injective's relayers while in addition to viewing a complete breakdown of how the trade was passed through the network. The details provided are also quite granular. For instance, you can view what type of trade was created, how much the trade cost, and which asset was purchased.
🛸Read More: https://bit.ly/3vnrS5k
🔭Injective Explorer: Link
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2021.10.18 20:01 Atalvez Looking for Lists

New to AoS (and mini gaming) and already addicted to the Krule life. I am fascinated by the customizability of what is possible with such a shallow roster. Is there a repository of lists (hopefully with play advice) somewhere around here? And if not, could we start one?
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2021.10.18 20:01 Kruhl_Merzy or karate moves like Samurai Jack in the Rave

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2021.10.18 20:01 OverDistribution2 My hopes for the scenario with Batman leading a group of people with a red flare.

I hope this is rather fittingly like a scene from Prisoners or the BTAS episode,The Sewer King. The circumstances are horrific and would have become even more so if Batman hadn't arrived. He is stumbling through one of Riddler's marked locations that was solved. As he goes further and further he discovers that it is an Arkham City/Saw styled trap that involves captured children (of course they are freed unharmed by Batman in the end) I really hope that this scene draws heavily from the Night Cries novel. As fellow Night Cries fans know, it deals with particularly brutal (and in my case sadly relatable) themes of child abuse, trauma and terror. This will show the complexity of Batman and his underlying empathy and compassion towards children. Once he breaks them out, this demonic looking figure becomes almost like a dark angel who becomes more of a comforting presence and who the children quickly learn to trust and feel safe with as he guides them to safety. It all becomes symbolic as the youth are the future and Batman is leading Gotham's future out of the dark and into the light.
I'd like to see him tear up he comforts them. This shows the journey ahead and that he is becoming a superhero. A really powerful and tearjerking moment for the audience. Especially if something like this is playing in the background.
(Yes Numan is my favourite musician, I even listen to his music when reading Night Cries, we both have Aspergers so his music is really impactful for me)
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2021.10.18 20:01 Ajawad87 They sure love gun memes

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2021.10.18 20:01 Pizzatimelover1959 I am writing a apocalypse story in your opinion which is a better name for my government military faction ?

very random but which one do you think sounds better?
(Monstrosity Containment Network)
(Anomaly Containment Network)
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2021.10.18 20:01 Virtual-Worker922 Lawyer Explains: Erika Jayne & Bravo BLASTED By Attorney

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