Hot Potato Degenz NFTs are live!

2021.10.18 19:35 PolyMoonFarm Hot Potato Degenz NFTs are live!

Hot Potato Degenz (HPD)

🚀 Auto-Disbursing Dividend Token
🚀 100% Fair launch
🚀 1 Time Mint To LP

🚀 3% rewards
🚀 3% LP Maintenance
🚀 3% Marketing
🚀 1% Dev








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2021.10.18 19:35 NervousCorner213 It took me 26 years of my life, and I finally beat my father in a game of chess!

Check out this #chess game: FisherKing1960 vs Saffronlight -
My father once said, "Brad (myself) I hope that one day you can beat me in a game of chess just like I did to my father. I remember the exact day I beat my own father in chess, and if you one day beat me, you will never forget it either"
It took me 26 years to finally do it, and here is how it happened...
My father is by no means a master chess player. However he used to play in the chess club in high school, and he was taught how to play chess by his father when he was a child. If 600 is an average player, my dad is probably a rock solid 1,000 rated player on a good day (maybe even more!), and growing up I vividly remember playing chess against him and getting absolutely decimated. He always told me that if I practiced and studied basic chess theories, that eventually I could beat him. Of course, I took absolutely none of his advice, and continued losing to him as a child. 😅
The last time I remember playing my dad in chess was before I joined the Marines in 2017. I lost... Nothing new there... However, since 2018, I have been stationed in Japan, and I have only gotten the chance to go home once to visit him on holiday leave back in 2019. My life has changed so much since 2017 and 2019. I got married to the most wonderful Filipinna woman, and I'm about to get out of the Marines and attend college again.
However, the one thing that hasn't changed in my life was the freaken fact that I still haven't gotten a dub on my own father in chess.
I knew that in order to beat my father, I was actually going to have to put some effort into this. I started by downloading the app and watching viral chess videos on youtube by players like Hikaru Nakamura and Gothamchess. I even played chess against fellow marines from time to time. Of course like any chess learner, I started looking at openings and had a lot of fun messing around with openings like the Italian game (e4, kf3, bc3) and the English (c4, kc3, g3, bg2) on the white pieces. On black, I practiced the french defense (e4 e6) and the scandanavian defense (d5, qd4, qa5). Everything was going well, I was playing games, trying to make sense of the openings I had looked at, and slowly improve my understanding of the mid to late game. I started to count threats better, see where my opponents are moving their pieces towards, fight for the center, scan for checks, look for weaknesses in the structure, etc etc etc... I had started to play so frequently now that I subscribed to the chess app just so I could see the analysis on my phone and practice some more puzzles. Over the course of about a month, I got better at the game and realized it was time!
Father vs son- I call my dad from overseas and formally challenge him. Of course he is a fairly busy man, and he told me to call him again tomorrow. After a couple days of delay, I finally catch him on his off day. Of course he is busy trying to take his car to the auto shop, but he told me that wouldnt stop him from playing 1 game with me. After 30 minutes of explaining to him how to accept a challenge on the app, we are in. 15/10 rapid and of course, I'm the black pieces readying myself for a defense... My father starts d4. Remember the black openings I was practicing? Well, I didnt use any of them and I went kf6. Of course my dad follows with an attack on my knight with bg5 (you have to understand this man loves his knights, hates those pesky bishops) I take a deep breath knowing that i am going to lose that guy (rip horsy) and confidently reply with d4. I'll be honest, the opening of this game was really solid. I found a weakness in my father's position on an open b file, so I slid my rook on there and then took a free pawn. Mean while my father brought in his queen on the A file followed by his knight attacking my bishop. I attack his queen with my rook, and he takes my a2 pawn. I notice a potential fork on my queen and rook, and I slide my bishop to f5, pursuing that queen. Then... it happened... my father blunders the queen on g1! BOOM! I instantly grab that material advantage! Next I bring my queen into the game picking up a pawn. Next, I start to threaten a rook on d1 my bishop. Dad slides his rook over attacking my queen on a3. Naturally I move to b2 hoping to attack the rook from the corner. But oh God! I inadvertently pin my own queen to an attack from his opposite side rook. This game had to be scripted, dad blunders a queen, 5 moves later I do the same! We keep on playing, and my dad is desperately trying to win the game with a rook and a knight against my 2 rooks and a bishop. I guess I went easy on him hindsight because my h8 rook never moved once during the game. It was just a protector for my pass pawn. I played the best I could I found this amazing attack on his knight and rook on c8 with my bishop. However I did not see the incoming check with his knight that was forking my bishop! I safely move my king to a position that will not receive another check and protect my bishop. Dad ops for a trade of material, and I knew I had this in the bag. Dont get me wrong though, I still blundered another pawn, and so did my dad too. However, despite my dad's best efforts, black was clearly winning in this end game, and my dad resigns with 1 minute and 28 seconds still on the clock.
Aftermath- I have always wondered why people love chess so much, and I think I have finally seen why. It's because chess is not about the game, rather the story that comes with playing every move. During this game, I remembered a lot of amazing memories with my father. The beach trips, family get togethers, mountain hikes, and all the times he would volunteer for the high school marching band I was a part of. I'm so blessed to have had a father that did his best to raise me, while being supportive of my decisions as an adult like when I dropped out of college and later pursuing active duty service in the military.
The game I played against my father wasnt perfect, but I never expected the first 95% accurate game for me to play would be on the black pieces with a major blunder of the queen for both sides of the board. Regardless if you have a father or any parents, I challenge everyone who reads this to find someone who they think is important to them in their life and challenge that person to a game of chess. Most importantly beat them!
My dad was not wrong. I will never forget the day I beat my father in a game of chess.
I love you dad, and thank you for raising me to become the man I am today!
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2021.10.18 19:35 VonMansfeld October Rust - a game about the alst stand

Hereby I present my humble TTRPG, October Rust.
October Rust is a game for the last, greater stand, in expense of your personal fall. Set in fictional, early modern fantasy and aimed at ungrateful, grave tone. It's designed for one-shot lasting around three hors, for 3-5 players, including game master. What's that one-shot about? It's about heist to resolve the common Final Question, in attempt to fix something in the very wronged world (or at least trying to do it).
In honest words, it's about procedurally generated, then improvised heist about some dire quest to solve against the problem, enemies and the environment (including weather).
I drew inspirations from FitD and PbtA games, and also Mouse Guard (the rain, the storm), Nobilis/Glitch (semi-random resolutions) and the like.
The game requires some triggers (Self-sacrifice, World Against You,Rainy Weather, Character Death, Sins of the Past, Abuse, Depressing Mood) to accept at first hand. Plus some recommended safety tools - they are presented in the book
You can get October Rust (PDFs- in colour and printer-friendly, with character sheet, adventure list and cheat sheet) in:

It's in Pay What You Want mode, with suggested price of 5$
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2021.10.18 19:35 CaptainZee25 Plz help me decode this

Hey can anyone decode this cipher even if not it would be a pleasure if you would tell me what type of a cipher this is and you can show how you have decoded the cipher thank you
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2021.10.18 19:35 Salasmander Little Engie

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2021.10.18 19:35 Khondor_ Countries visited by Queen Victoria

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2021.10.18 19:35 jeebus224 So there’s a trade pending: Davante Adams for AB. Just looking at offensive ranks it feels super lopsided. Should I step in and say “hey, this trade doesn’t look very fair?”

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2021.10.18 19:35 BekoM864 Account

So i had my account some time ago,can i retrieve that save if i could how
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2021.10.18 19:35 947nh60 Madden 22 PS5 REGS Couple Spots left preseason join up
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2021.10.18 19:35 Dabababa1020 If air currents are caused by different air pressures then are ocean currents caused by differing water pressures?

It makes sense pressure differences around the world are what causes wind is it the same for the ocean currents?
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2021.10.18 19:35 Appropriate-Care-150 PS4 need 2 for rec

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2021.10.18 19:35 100mgSTFU I made a massive walnut cutting board. Wife didn’t want a juice groove. 24”x20”x3”. I can’t decide if I like it or it’s just absurdly large and ridiculous.

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2021.10.18 19:34 Fun_Eggplant_3222 Serate Open Mic in Italia?

Sapete dove si organizzano serate Open Mic in Italia?
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2021.10.18 19:34 jpeg_PHD Hi

I’m lonely, and I’m on antipsychotics that make me feel numb. I don’t care about anything anymore. I have no plans for life. I don’t feel human, and I’d rather not be alive. I feel like a robot. I’m just a mind in a flesh prison. All I do is lie in bed or sit in a chair and think. Video games don’t really provide me any pleasure and I have a hard time being around people rn and just in general. I don’t really know why I’m posting this. Hi.
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2021.10.18 19:34 Luminous278 Should I get COVID?

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2021.10.18 19:34 Phillykratom What are some variations on the words "Ball Buster" you can think of?

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2021.10.18 19:34 snkde Staples 3 Cases Hammermill Copy Plus Paper, 8.5" x 11", 20 lbs., White, 500 Sheets/Ream, 10 Reams/Carton $84.97 AC(2)

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2021.10.18 19:34 ManGoMoonThenMars Seeing these popping up all over Twitter at the moment...

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2021.10.18 19:34 bobflip- I'm going to make a Rhythm game

Hello, I've decided that I am going to make a rhythm game similar to Arcaea using Unity, but before I really start doing that, I wanted to know if you guys could give me any tips about programming rhythm games or anything else that might help me?
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2021.10.18 19:34 Camis_Pikachu Pra quem critica distribuição gratuita de absorvente

Principalmente pras mulheres: enfia um papel na buceta e fica com ele o período todo que tu menstrua então. Fala tanto que é mimimi, cadê o caralho da empatia? Enfiou no cu largo? Não é porque tu tem condição de pagar 10 reais em um pacote com 8 absorventes (que em média dura dois dias) que as outras pessoas também tem. Não é porque tu é uma velha desgraçada que usava tecido na buceta fedida 50 anos atrás que agora em 2021 as mulheres vão usar também mesmo existindo um específico e higiênico.
Por que falam tanto que é baratinho e tá tão incomodado com as pessoas desesperadas pra ter dignidade? Então compra um carregamento de absorvente do tamanho da rola que te fodeu e passou sífilis e dá pra quem precisa, assim para o mi-mi-mi que tu tá reclamando.
"ain mas a unha tá feita, tem celular, a cerveja do fim de semana tá garantida e tem tatuagem" tu tá lá do lado da pessoa vivendo com ela pra saber o caralho da realidade dela ein seu filho da puta? Não? Bom saber. Deixa eu te dizer uma coisa pra tentar entrar nessa cabeça consumida por merda: Realidades mudam. Ela pode ter tido uma vida melhor antes de passar necessidade, existe kit de higiene que recebe itens de beleza também. Depressão por não gostar de si mesmo mata também sabia? Provavelmente acha que é mimimi também.
"ain mas as menininha nas escola é só usar papel higiênico" até porque o cacete do papel não desintegra com umidade não né? Já foi provado que é uma das coisas mais perigosas pra usar como substituto do absorvente, pois pode entrar no canal vaginal (principalmente no teu que tá todo fodido) e dar doença séria. Fluxo e período menstrual varia de pessoa pra pessoa, nunca estudou ciências não ou tu é burro o suficiente?
E se tu for uma pessoa com um pinto provavelmente tá cheio de sebo. Tu menstrua por acaso? Não? Então não se mete em algo que tu não tem posição nenhuma pra falar, nem adianta falar "amas minha mãe/avó/irmã pipipopopo" VAI A MERDA
Caguei se for apagado esse post, eu tô puta real com esse povo que diz que é mimimi absorvente ter de ser de fácil acessibilidade
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2021.10.18 19:34 unbannable_truth A huge "F_ck You!" to the MT simps

We told you when they said "sToP pOsTiNg ChEaTeRs!" in season 1.
We told you when they were gatekeeping skins from season 2 promos.
We told you when they decided to gaslight on disturd/ twatte plebbit rather than be honest.
We told you when Epic acquired FG (and did literally nothing to improve it).
We told you when they announced Xbox/ Switch support (and failed to deliver).
We told you when the "crown grab bug" was still around after 4 seasons (and the launch video showed the bean grabbing the crown and falling off).
We told you when it was leaked that it was going f2p and introducing premium in- game currency.
MT are blatant liars hiding behind "iT's JuSt A kIdS gAmE!" and need to be called out.
Look at the state of the game and ask yourselves "why did I let this happen?"
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2021.10.18 19:34 prufteam 🔥🛸ANNOUNCEMENT🛸🔥 Finally, an answer to the eternal question….WHEN LISTING? PRüF is launching on the P2PB2B launchpad, which means IO and Exchange listing! 🚀 The token sale will start on the P2PB2B launchpad Oct 27, 2021 / UTC 0500, exchange listing on P2PB2B will start shortly thereafter!

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2021.10.18 19:34 TheSovietSkye i. am. going. to. die.

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2021.10.18 19:34 Potential-Lie-7409 pls support my channel

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2021.10.18 19:34 Emerw [Help] End gateway does not spawn after defeating the dragon. MCPE

In the last few days I was trying to complete the end gateway ring with 20 portals, but after defeating the dragon 20 times there were still 4 portals missing. I tested spawning the dragon 4 more times to see if it worked, however these 4 missing portals didn't appear. Does anyone out there know how to solve this problem?
Note: I never activated snapshots or anything like that.
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