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Don't know if I care to watch the Last Race, Started Watching F1 2021 mid-year...

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2021.12.07 07:19 DavidG117 Don't know if I care to watch the Last Race, Started Watching F1 2021 mid-year...

Started getting back into F1 middle of this year as I noticed for the first time since Nico that Lewis was really under threat this time from Max. This is my issue... this year's championship seems to have been more influenced by penalties and costly incidents rather than fair competitive racing, despite the points being tied. Along with radical pace gaining instances out of nowhere with the Mercedes car, no wonder Max is getting more and more aggressive.
Since that new Merc engine in Brasil Red bull has seen that simply cannot beat lewis on pace alone, they have to resort to strategy and if they get it wrong and Lewis gets too close, he eventually blasts past, If there is no incident. Look at the last race in Saudi, Max held him back for a while but once lewis got past there was no chance for Max to catch him.
I feel like you could bet a lot of money at this point in Lewis winning just by sheer pace alone, with no incidence. ( Anyone wants to borrow me $?)
This is not how I want F1 to be, the racing needs to be closer.
DSR has been like the Nitro Button in a damn video game with the rate you can close the gap and overtake rivals, I hope DSR is removed next year, I understand why it was introduced because of the dirty air but I think this Tech has been a major disrupter. I would love to imagine what the racing would have been like in past years, where getting past your rival meant strategically driving the car to get past instead of pushing a go-faster-overtake button on a straight.
But anyways, rant over. Is there anything else that anyone has a gripe with the current META of F1 racing? , else change my mind.
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2021.12.07 07:19 OzBargainBot [Switch] Art of Balance Free Play Week - 14 - 20 Dec @ Nintendo Switch Online (Membership Required)

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2021.12.07 07:18 Abject_Plastic_8950 follow me and I got you too

Hey fam, you may follow me at twitch.tv/qikura .
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2021.12.07 07:18 OzBargainBot 100% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) 5L - $39.95 ($29.95 with Afterpay) Delivered @ Hair and Beauty Co eBay

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2021.12.07 07:18 Officalpapers Selling mostly all papers dm me now 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

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2021.12.07 07:18 gogas2 Wood floors - the best choice for your house

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2021.12.07 07:18 DesertEagle550 Explainer-What's next for China Evergrande after missing coupon payments

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2021.12.07 07:18 Bot_experiment_lol Yeah

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2021.12.07 07:18 TotalCricket2901 Let's be honest, the real female MVP (arguably even the MVP) is Geri, not Shiv.

Shiv get's a lot of praise for being a "girl-boss" or "boss-bitch", but she is neither of those. Like her siblings, she is a failure, and her "success" is based off Logan's wealth. And this is the case for all the siblings, truthfully, they are nothing without the wealth they were brought into. She is equally bad as her siblings. Covering up a sex scandal, strong arming a vulnerable woman into not whistleblowing, gaslighting her husband and then finally playing the concerned feminist where it suits her with Gerri.
There are more male leads than female, so if we are going to choose the female MVP it has to be Gerri. She has been at the company for 30 years, been fucked over many times, she's the only one Logan listens to (sort of). She probably has a deal with the DOJ through Laurie, and has a lot of secrets to spill about Waystar if pushed. She's not perfect, she also was involved in hiding the sex scandal, but she is truly the boss bitch.
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2021.12.07 07:18 TheApothecaryAus Application Deployment/SOE - Restart as a part of a task Sequence

Hi all,
As a part of our environment we've created a SOE via task sequences.We deploy a task sequence to devices within collections to ensure that any device is created it will receive our applications. This is also our config management system so that if the application version needs to be installed we run an uninstall first and then the install, hence the task sequence.
The issue is that files are being locked and we have to restart devices manually before uninstalling via the task sequence, I would like to include this as a part of the task sequence, my 2 questions are:

  1. Is this possible? If so, is anything required to enable a device receiving this task sequence to be restarted?
  2. With a restart at say, step 1, would the task sequence pick up and continue at item 2 ?
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2021.12.07 07:18 BigDean88 I think Tilted Towers is coming back

As it has been established, in the explorers losing screen it shows 4 current locations, and an icy tilted. Now, the only location on the map that seems empty is the ice cube area east of camp cuddle, and south of shifty shafts. I think it is highly likely that this area will melt, revealing Tilted Towers.
Let’s hope so, then we’ll have plenty of high traffic drop areas this season 🥳🥳
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2021.12.07 07:18 No_Ear_6785 Erm biggest dub ever

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2021.12.07 07:18 Capital_Release Assign device category based on "enrolled by" user?

Device categories have been a mess in our company for a while, and instead of manually changing hundreds of devices to the correct location, it would be nice to automatically assign devices to the correct device category based on the user account that enrolled the computer.
We have dynamic user groups based on office location, and device categories tied to the same locations. Is it possible to create a dynamic device group, which assigns all devices to a category based on the location of the "enrolled by" user account?
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2021.12.07 07:18 NewsElfForEnterprise Breker Verification Systems Unveils System Coherency Synthesis TrekApp Building on Its Successful Cache Coherency Test Solution

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2021.12.07 07:18 HyperspaceTrader I had an un-nervingly normal game of CK2 after using console commands to form Africa. (769, Observer Mode)

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2021.12.07 07:18 shreesha20 *Happy hasagi noises*

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2021.12.07 07:18 TotallyLegit13846506 Upvote in return

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2021.12.07 07:18 flogfrog Holiday perks (OC)

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2021.12.07 07:18 LightningBeast2007 World Trigger Roleplay Server

Hello there all, I've wanted to make a world trigger discord role-play server for a while but have never figured out a good enough combat system. However, the battle simulation has given me inspiration as to what the battle system could look like and I feel like with a community and committed and interested in the manga, it would be possible to create something great. I would need a little bit of help however because this would be time consuming.
I have created a discord server before that reached 150 members before slowly dying. It was a Blue Exorcist server and I will link some of the material used in the server for all of you to get an idea of what exactly my server's are styled like.
Please comment on this post, send me a DM on reddit or on discord at TheUnbreakableRedRiot#0261.
Links to some media from previous server: Character Template

Training System
Other Brainstorming and Ideas I had
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2021.12.07 07:18 fyriskipivp I fold origami: this is one sheet of paper, no cuts

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2021.12.07 07:18 OzBargainBot LEGO Art 31200 Star Wars The Sith Building Kit $89.25 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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2021.12.07 07:18 JRMBelgium How to fix invisible chat?

I press the key to chat, I type my message and press enter, nothing happens. I can also not see any chat messages from other users. The chat window itself is visible, but no text in it :(
submitted by JRMBelgium to halo [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 07:18 theNewInt So I've seen a post about ADC being the least played role after support and wrote a big comment.

But I never pressed "post" because I feel like I either need help or it's an actual problem. So I try to reach more people that way. And I really tried to not sound like the ADC crybaby but I feel like I failed. But I am fine guys i just play aphelios all day long.
My comment was:
Might be because crit ADCs (which is most of them) are so unbelievably trash for an entire year now. And there is such an easy solution.
Just make IE a viable first Item again.
Did anyone complain about S10 ADC pre IE? No. So why did we nerf base crit dmg from 200% to 175% in season 11? Did anyone complain about the one item Powerspike of ADCs in S10? No. So why on earth do we have to wait for 3rd item to deal somewhat the same DMG as back in S10? Dude that's around 10.5k gold. How do I get this consistently? Imagine being behind. Imagine being ahead in the losing team. Sure, you are ahead. But how long does the game go?
I understand the thought process of "yeah there are a lot of new crit items now so we give you 20% crit chance on each item" Yeah... Cool. But how do you plan on me dealing DMG? Mythic into x second item into IE is fine right? Only costs 10.5k gold which you have to get in soloQ...Luckily the role is not reliant on the role that is most inflated in S11. Glad I am not an Ultra pisslow ADC that has to deal with people taking my cs every game tbh. But since LDR outclasses IE at around 100 armor (even while giving less AD), we can see, that crit DMG isn't even the main problem here. It will be a problem if we change the real problem. But it's not the biggest problem right now.
I think the biggest problem right now is that you don't have crit chance and you don't have attackspeed. With 3 items you get 60% crit chance which is barely enough to not call it a coin flip, but you can just flip it a lot, right? But attackspeed is such a weird stat to get. Yes, your boots, yes you take a mythic item (well and good by lethal tempo... 42% attackspeed of 11.24 is comparable to old lethal tempo level 1... "Attackspeed nature of lethal tempo") So attackspeed is boots, which is really fucking strong. And then mythic. But these items are kinda meh in terms of attackspeed. You really want another one. So why don't we just build another one? Because how on earth do you plan on dealing DMG with galeforce/Shieldbow into zeal item? Krakenslayer into zeal is fine(ish). Attackspeed would let you crit more often, but with no AD and no crit DMG. But with IE it's fine. So you intentionally give yourself a dropoff in power just to be stronger at 3 items, which you probably never reach in an explosive S11 and S12 meta. The only way to deal DMG is to play mythic into some not attackspeed related second item into IE/LDR. And that's because of the AD and pen and not really because of the crit DMG. Problem with this is: AD second items are either storm razor (which is barely even build), essence reaver (which is absolutely useless unless your name is Lucian) or really really expensive.
So what does that mean? Isn't jinx aphelios and jhin played in every game of high elo right now? Well. Yes! And that just proves my point. Jhin has no need for attackspeed. Aphelios sees almost no value in attackspeed either, the mythic and boots attackspeed are more than enough. Because his current Playstyle with Shieldbow into BT is more like an squishy bruiser. And jinx gives herself attackspeed buffs or has a lot of range and even more with the new lethal tempo which is really valuable right now because you can't autoattack someone from 550 range anymore.
Ok but that's just now. How about the entire season? Well. Lethality varus? Lethality mf? Crit mf (but mf does not care about attackspeed and her R is basically the way to deal DMG), Kaisa (that was build to backline divebomb the enemy moonstone Champ or carry champs with collector and galeforce), the so called "counter matchup to Kaisa": Xayah that got shit on every game (because she is a low range crit DPS champ).
Honestly. Just give me IE first Back and delete my mythics. I don't care about other roles having mythics. They can have more stats if they want, I don't care. That would bring true diversity. Because after IE you can build whatever you want. IE has AD and increased crit DMG, which is actually a reason to go attackspeed second again. You could go for something else if you want to. And then go attackspeed and you can go storm razor again because that item is just shit right now. And you could finally be useful before min 28.
And I hope I get told I'm wrong. Hopefully someone with experience sees this and can help me with this. I hope it's just a bad itemization habit i build over season 11. But tbh I don't see where I am wrong.
submitted by theNewInt to leagueoflegends [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 07:18 johnny336 Out of Control: Part 3

Out of Control: Part 2
Artem was a rookie bandit; escaping the police after facing charges on a robbery-went-wrong, where one of his partners killed a guard, he was bound to be sentenced as accomplice to murder, so he ended up in the Zone, hoping he can hide until things quiet.
He knew one of his old partner-in-crime was hiding in the Zone, as well, he set out to find him.
They became part of a small group of bandits, lurking around a makeshift camp of shipping containers in the Southern parts of Jupiter. They didn't do much, just enough to get by, and not get expelled by their gang.
After a fierce encounter with an undercover soldier decimating their numbers during a raid on their camp, Artem and the remaining bandits decided to venture deeper South to the Red Forest to avoid any necessary attention from other factions. They were well-aware that it's a dangerous place, yet they were determined to settle there.
They have found a tower on the Northern parts of the Forest reserve. The old man at the place had no chance, he was thrown from the window of his room. His decaying body a laying memento of greed and cruelity.
Artem was on guard duty, and being afraid of heights, he never stood on top of the tower.
He saw a figure approaching in the fog, wearing a strange, bright red suit. He raised his AK carbine, and targeted the figure.
- Stop right there and identify yourself, if you don't comply, I won't hesitate to shoot - shouted, but his voice said otherwise. It was shaking, just like his legs that almost gave up under him, and his hands almost dropping the rusty gun. He was a criminal, but no killer.
- I said stop - more desperation in his voice.
The approaching stalker came to him within eye sight.
- You don't need to know my name, and I don't need to know yours, either, I will call you Puppy, and you will call me Master - he said in a very calm, but disturbing tone, while taking a deep look in the terrified eyes of the bandit.
Artem didn't know what hit him. His eyes clearly showed terror, like after a horrible revelation. Then lowered his gun, and answered the red stalker - Yes, master.
- Good. From now on, you are with me. Protect me with your own life if needed. Give me your last piece of food if needed. Now, go, and cleanse this place.
And Artem, like a zealot, followed orders, walked up the stairs, stepped in the room, where his gang was drinking vodka, and arguing on the last can of tuna fish.
- What are you doing here, kiddo?! Who protects our ass on this disgusting night? - asked one of the bandits, clearly their leader, but received no answer.
- Are you deaf, or what? Hey, what are you doing? Put that do...
A shot rang, as Artem shot his leader in the head without even blinking an eye, then turned his gun on all the other members, killing them one by one, finally aiming at the head of his old acquiantance.
- Don't do it, Artem, you hear me?!
He heard, but didn't listen, and pulled the trigger the fourth time. He switched the safety on, and left the room, back to his master, waiting for further orders.
- Anyone approaches, you shoot them on sight without questions - ordered Vaska.
- Yes, master.
Vaska went through the backpacks of the dead bandits, emptied their guns, then laid back on one of the beds. It was difficult for him to get by, but he had his mission, and it had to be carried out.
He needed resources and a safe house, the old mine was too damp and dark for him. At least, the cold somewhat slowed down the decay of bodies, but the smell attracted scavenging animals - and dogs taste awful.
He was practicing on the members of his new faction, but his experiment went awfully wrong, one of them continuously resisted to obey, and when he ordered the others to kill him, he didn't go down without a fight.
And while bullets were flying, the other members came to their senses, and turned their gun on Vaska. He barely survived, he was lucky that many of them previously wounded or killed each other, and only a few remained to face him.
- I can't control too many people yet, I have to get stronger. I will use him for now, if these low-lives die, no one cares, and it won't bring attention to the pattern.
He wanted to clean the Zone. At least, that's what he said to himself, but in reality, he wanted to control it. With his new power, he felt he could rule this hellhole, and make all other factions kneel before him, and serve him in unison.
He needed to assign stalkers as lieutenants from trusted factions. He didn't need to control EVERY living person in the Zone, he needed to control some key figures, and all grunts will fall in line. He would be the puppeteer in the shadows.
It was a caressing thought, made him ease up, and he slowly succumbed to a weird dream.
- Look, what have you become! If I had known helping me would turn you into a monster, I would have killed you in the factory, right there, and then.
- You are the monster, and I should have killed you in the mobile lab on sight. If I didn't help you, you would still be some docile animal, a specimen on the run from his captors, until falling prey to some stalker on the hunt.
He woke up sweating. It was just a dream. Or was it?
His connection with Red made him experience some weird shit, but he was sure the ex-controller was not capable of mind control anymore. It's been a few weeks since parting ways, and while he had some weird dreams, he never had them about Red specifically. It was the first time, and now it made him uneasy.
- Maybe I should visit him, make sure he is still "normal". Ahh, fuck it, who cares?! If he regained his powers, then good for him, he is far away, and he is still some pet project of the scientists. He will be either hunted or captured. And if not, then I couldn't even use him. Well, it would be cool to have a controller, albeit normal, in my army. Whatever...I need to focus on more current matters...what the hell is going on? - exclaimed from his thoughts, when he heard shooting from outside.
Looking out the window, he saw Artem shooting toward the gate of the entrance of the Reserve. Monolith fighters were approaching, and while Artem attacked them, he didn't have a chance, out in the open, with a rusty AK carbine partially filled with old ammo, against the three zealots, armed with bulletproof vests, night vision goggles, and pristine condition sniper or battle rifles.
A 7.62 bullet entered his left eye socket, then left his skull, delivering a huge mix of bones, blood, and flesh on the wall behind him.
- Shit...poor Puppy - but despite his cynism, he somehow felt sorry for the kid. And he wanted to avenge him. He had the high ground, and while Monolith fighters were always prepared for an ambush, they were not aware of his presence.
He somewhat tried to take good care of his guns even in the mines, but the humidity and lack of proper maintenance materials took its toll, and the accuracy was a bit off, he only could hit the chest of his slowly moving target. Lucky for Vaska, he aimed at the least prepared fighter, and the bullet ripped through his vest, then stopped in his lungs, immediately filling it with blood. The other two seeked out cover, and tried to assess the direction of threat. One was careless, though, as he peeked out from a concrete slab, Vaska targeted him. The bullet ricocheted from the cover next to his head, as the fanatic ducked back to cover.
- Fucking hell, I cannot hit them from this distance...I cannot go out on them, they will rip me to shreds, but I can't risk them asking for backup, and then a whole squad would siege me here...
He got lucky, again, as the two fanatics, instead of waiting for backup, started gaining ground by providing covering fire running between covers, closing in on the main entrance of the tower.
A huge kick unhinged the wooden door, and made it slamming to the frame of the elevator shaft with a loud thud.
In synchron, a shotgun thundered on the top of the stairs, sending a 12-gauge slug through the helmet of the entering Monolithian.
The third fanatic of the squad was just behind, Vaska looked him in the eyes, and ordered him to surrender, when he felt like his mind got electrocuted, and made him disoriented, but before collapsing, he pulled the trigger one more time, killing the last intruder.
He was catching his breath, not knowing what just happened.
Examined the two corpses, and noticed a strange, protruding technological device on the back of their suits, covering the rear of their necks, and part of their skulls - similar to his psy-helmet.
- So that's how they must be controlled, and I may have been repelled by the source of the psy-waves the Monolith emits, obviously it's stronger than me. If I could calibrate this device to tune in on me as source, maybe I could be able to control an army. I need a scientist to work this out. I'm not sure if Sakharov welcomes me, he doesn't know I did find and destroy the Link emitter, but poking around creating a mind-controlling device to equip another brainwashed fanatical army? It might raise his suspicion. I need someone who willingly performs research and calibration.
Someone for his cause.
The egghead proved to be useful. Guy was the last survivor of his unit after a skirmish with bandits. Vaska saved him by killing the three criminals, and the ecologist, as gratitude, agreed to help him.
The background story was that Vaska wants to venture deep into Monolith territory, and he needed a Monolith suit as disguise, as well as its psy-attachment to provide him protection.
After some examination, it turned out that the suit indeed can be calibrated, Vaska paid great attention to all technical details, so he can synchronize it to his very own psy-emitting helmet.
Now he needed to loot some more Monolith suits, repair them, and then gather some unsuspecting stalkers.
Weeks passed, Monolith patrols were constantly present in the Red Forest, and with determination, he finally collected suits enough for a platoon.
While exploiting the "treasures" of Red Forest, he always met with stalkers, and by sheer "luck", he was always the one saving them from some threat.
The recipe was pretty simple: he controlled two wandering stalker to attack a group of rookies, then he intervened, and killed the attackers, gaining their trust. Two people lost, four gained.
He didn't even have to use his new skill on many of them, as they trusted him that he wants to replace Forester after his tragic death, and he was the one who cleared the Tower, the last safe haven in the Red Forest from the murderous bandits.
Slowly he had a bunch of stalkers around him, following him, looting for supplies, repairing the gear. They were fed the same story, however, that he ultimately wants to clear out Monolith for which he needed a strong attack force equipped with proper gear.
The weapons and suits were enough proof for many. The ones who tried to question the controversy in being the new Forester versus annihilating Monolith were persuaded by feeding them the thoughts needed.
- Now I need to recruit a powerful player, like Voronin or Lukash, and the size of my army will grow exponentially.
Infiltrate the base in disguise, and "persuade" them to equip their lieutenants with MY suits. Freedom would be a better bet as they constantly struggle from Monolith attacks, and have their brains fried near the Scorcher, even the grunts without an upgraded psy-suit would fall in line.
He fell asleep while mesmerized by his own grand scheme.
- Stop this madness! Don't be a monster you never were. What do you want to achieve with this?!
- You again! You can do nothing, you mortal, disfigured joke of a human! Your kind must be eliminated, too, so this hellhole finally can be a safe place for people. Under my rule! Just watch! And watch your back!
He alarmly sat up in his bed. A final decision was born to deal with Red....
After concluding the RttN mission with a twist at the end, this is my first actual attempt at pure fiction.
It is somewhat based on the faction called Beyond, albeit next to nothing is known about them, also I wanted to explore an anti-hero.
submitted by johnny336 to TheZoneStories [link] [comments]