Anyone else addicted to this site?

2022.01.26 01:26 Illustrious_Earth_16 Anyone else addicted to this site?

I feel like we should start the first Aliexpress Anonymous rehab center, 😆.
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2022.01.26 01:26 OrrickTheDruid Dual Wielding Swashbuckler Rouge. Multiclass Battlemaster, Swords Bard, or not at all?

Playing in a Ghosts of Saltmarsh Campaign soon. I've been wanting to play a Swashbuckler for awhile now. For reference I really like Edward Kenway with his dual welding rapiers.
I am going Half-Elf Variant to grab Booming Blade. I really want to dual wield to get an attack as a bonus action. I am considering doing One level in Fighter, Three Levels in Fighter for Battlemaster, or Three in Swords Bard for skill proficiencies and flourishes. My question is which is best? Just taking one to get the fighting style or taking three to get extra abilities? Is delaying 3 levels of sneak attack worth it?
If anyone has any thoughts on how to make a viable dual weilding swashbuckler please let me know!
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2022.01.26 01:26 zinky30 If you were in charge of the doomsday clock, what time would you make it right now?

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2022.01.26 01:26 lotherxsd Starting my first job soon in retail, any tips?

This is a part time position in a discount store where I will likely be either on the floor or working the cashier. Any tips or advice on what to expect would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.26 01:26 sameeasghar Found these cute kittens today.

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2022.01.26 01:26 ThoughtJoe Are there many fakes of the Daredevil TV series funkos?

Shopping around for the Matt Murdock / Daredevil funkos and just curious of anything I should look out for.
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2022.01.26 01:26 ITNETT [Ekstra] Lekket persondata om egne ansatte i nettsidens kildekode

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2022.01.26 01:26 P3DZ_ A Blast from the Past: A Gaming Computer from 1995

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2022.01.26 01:26 Awesomedudeman1 How do you record VoiceChat?

Whenever i take clips, the voice chat with my friends is muted. same when i just normally record. How do i record the Xbox Party Chat???
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2022.01.26 01:26 kicksjoysharkness In this, we are united as one

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2022.01.26 01:26 BlackCaterpillars Pion dress? Russian Etsy seller

Does anyone have experience ordering from PionDress Bridal on Etsy? I love their simple, clean dress designs but I have never ordered from Etsy before and I am wondering if anyone has thoughts or feedback. The shop is based in Russia and appears to have great reviews from the Etsy site, but I am not sure if reviews can be filtered by the shop owner?
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2022.01.26 01:26 Scottydoesntknow07 Peggy knowing secrets about Nancy and Minh

In the episode where hank paid sticker price for the car Peggy told Nancy and Minh that she knows their secrets. She tells Nancy John Redcorn and Minh she says something in mandarin. What did Peggy say?
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2022.01.26 01:26 Ok_Mathematician4373 Death mode

I’m a returning player and I was wondering how many total times do you need to beat death mode to unlock bugeria. Thanks!
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2022.01.26 01:26 rubellaa Cross check for gravel/bike packing ?

Hi all! I’m thinking about building a new bike that I can use as an all-a-rounder. I’m looking into the cross check as I would primarily use it for commuting but I also want something that can run wider tires than my road bike that I can take on some light gravel. I would also love to try a little bit of adventure/bike packing this summer, and am wondering if the cross check would be an okay choice for that. Anyone have thoughts or feelings?
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2022.01.26 01:26 kiro195 Authentic game cartridges

Hey everyone, I was hoping to see if there's a reliable way of checking for authentic game cartridges like a website or a YouTube channel that I can look into to see if the game I have is genuine or not. I've been starting to buy some N64 games off of ebay instead of going to retro videogame stores to build my collection up. I normally have no problem buying NES, SNES, and Genesis games off from ebay but N64 is a bit more of a special console to me and I've been tricked by a bootleg N64 game once already (the game kept crashing a few minutes after booting up and i opened to find out it was a fake). Please and thank you for your suggestions in advance!
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2022.01.26 01:26 theredkarp Can the headlights on these 2 models be swapped? I can't find an automatic one with round headlights.

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2022.01.26 01:26 i_fuckd_ur_mother I’ll be a rough rider I’ll be a prince, and I’ll be your astronaut in the abyss cos I’ve got it bad and I need you around so you be the dagger that I don’t pull out

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2022.01.26 01:26 PixieSticcs Does anyone know what this is??? I cant find any google results on it

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2022.01.26 01:26 ITNETT Kan Wifi 7 erstatte ethernet? Demonstrert for første gang

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2022.01.26 01:26 Super-Nintenjoe Anyone remember when chance posted a playlist with all his 2018 singles in a specific order? What was the order?

I really wanna know how he wanted these sequenced
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2022.01.26 01:26 FreakyTajiki Archive of records?

Assalomu alaykum!
I am trying to find various records on my ancestors (birth, death, property, service, etc).
First, given that my ancestors lived in Uzbek SSR, would these records be found in Uzbekistan or in Russia?
Second, where can I go about finding these records? My guess is that, if these records are not online, the best thing is to have a contact in Uzbekistan whom I can pay to search for and deliver these records to me.
What are your thoughts? Rahmat!
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2022.01.26 01:26 Spare-Turn2810 30 and not yet married

I’m about to turn 30 and have not found love. I was so focused in career that I had always put my love life secondary. Even the ones I dated in past, I always felt like I deserved better. I know now I want to get married so started looking out for boys via arrange marriage system but have not been able to feel that “strike” with anyone. I don’t know and how hard I try not to feel like this but I feel I am running out of age now.
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2022.01.26 01:26 spoon_slayer Based theory. Let's put it to the test

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2022.01.26 01:26 burnertown666 A reminder to not always think about work.

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2022.01.26 01:26 stuffedrustpizza Fuck the 49ers.

That is all.
Actually fuck the Saints too.
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