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I found steve-

2022.01.26 01:33 Soupnpuos I found steve-

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2022.01.26 01:33 Astro_Archer Orion, Horsehead and flame nebula in white phosphor through 60mm scope.

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2022.01.26 01:33 DemUnderground Powerful, nearby black holes could help to explain universe's origins

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2022.01.26 01:33 confusedidiot7 doing everything in my power not to hurt myself rn

i desperately want to. i feel like such a fucking failure. i feel like i don’t deserve to exist. i want to die so desperately. i want to cut my wrists wide open. but i shouldn’t. i shouldn’t.
i know i shouldn’t but i just want to be gone.
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2022.01.26 01:33 DemUnderground Confessions of a Liberal Heretic

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2022.01.26 01:33 Mai257 Crying, screaming, throwing up, my first 50/50 ever won!

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2022.01.26 01:33 DemUnderground Tweet of the Late Night:

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2022.01.26 01:33 Blacksmith-Creepy LF: Destiny Knot

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2022.01.26 01:33 Consistent_Mistake33 My phone broke for a week or 2 but I come back and there is a war and I am seeing sirsnickernee as a side if the war and that is a really cool name but idc who I fight for as long as I fight

aggressive finger guns
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2022.01.26 01:33 cameronizeme420 Loyalty to the Employer?

I’ve been working for a company for about a year and it seems to me that the standard is always being moved so that more needs to be done with the same or less resources. I’ve worked hard for them…missed ball games for my kids, dinner with the family, and have sacrificed time for my Masters degree studies for the benefit of the company - working Saturdays to try and get that extra little bit accomplished. I leave the house at 830am and don’t generally get home until 730-800pm. The job isn’t even in the same field as my degree is but initially the schedule worked well. I know I need to take a step back and leave the position, as it is interfering with my family and schooling. I can’t bring myself to quit or even give a 2 weeks notice that I’m leaving… feeling like a sucker for trying to be loyal to a company that would keep loving on without me. What’s wrong with this scenario?!?!
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2022.01.26 01:33 IronWolve mental gymnastics

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2022.01.26 01:33 NixhThe Qualche anime pia che è disposto ad aiutarmi a capire meglio Yu-Gi-OH Master Duel dopo quasi 8 anni di assenza totale dal gioco di carte.

Vorrei ricominciare a giocare a Yu-gi-oh il problema è che non ricordo assolutamente niente del gioco se non le regole e il deck che usavo, ricordi vaghi e frammentati quindi una memoria inutile e che al momento non mi aiuta a giocare seriamente al gioco senza che qualcuno mi blasti 18 evocazioni e faccia sembrare lo schermo una palla da disco con tutte le evocazioni continue, direi alquanto umiliante per me, sapendo solo evocare 3 madonne in croce e sentirmi fiero di essa. Help. Sto su PS5/XboxSerieS/Switch.
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2022.01.26 01:33 Pryzm_music Is it possible to start a campaign without a bank account?

Hi there,

I'm thinking about starting a Kickstarter campaign for the game we are working on. Here's the problem: My parents have access to my bank account and I don't think they are the type of people who would approve of asking strangers for funds to make a game. Is there any way to use something like Paypal to receive the funds? If not, is there any crowdfunding services that do offer this feature?
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2022.01.26 01:33 marcos_mageek firmware-linux disappeared from testing?

Looks like firmware-linux/firmware-linux-nonfree has disappeared from testing: https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/firmware-nonfree
I can't see anything in the email archive for it mentioning what may have happened. Any ideas?
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2022.01.26 01:33 Sbeben Would 30,000 fireballs be bad?

For this, 1 fireball would have a 20 foot radius, and is around 1,000 °C. All the fireballs would appear in 1 place, practically instantly. How hot would it be, and what would be the destruction radius?
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2022.01.26 01:33 R_finace24 😂

I can’t believe I actually thought this would work out lol just learned a lesson I guess when u see 80000% APY it’s just too good to be true
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2022.01.26 01:33 eziotheeagle Mass effect andromeda is amazing.

After playing through the original trilogy remastered, since it was my favorite series when I was younger when it originally released, I decided to give andromeda another chance. Just finished it today and I have to say this game was fantastic! I encounter little to no bugs that people mentioned years ago.
The gameplay was so smooth and a step up from the original trilogy, easily.
At first I wasn’t crazy about the companions you are with, but after doing all their personal quest lines, they became great side characters. Especially loved Jaal and Peebee.
The story is new and the enemy isn’t as big as a threat as the reapers buts it’s just an epilogue of what’s to become in a new galaxy. I really hope BioWare decides to continue this andromeda series one day.
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2022.01.26 01:33 html5gamerguy "You can make cigarettes like these." Turco Cigarette Roller [1902]

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2022.01.26 01:33 DemUnderground Ted Cruz Tops Trump, New COVID Strain, Dr. Fauci's "Narcissism" and Celebrity Hide & Seek

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2022.01.26 01:33 _HiImJosh How are you all keeping yourselves busy until decisions come out???

I have to wait until March for decisions to come out, and I don't know what to do with myself. I am surprisingly optimistic that things will work out one way or another, but I still go through phases of worrying a lot and I just want to know what's going to happen. How is everyone managing stress and keeping themselves occupied? I need your best suggestions on things to do to distract myself in the meantime. Please, I'm desperate...
I also just want to know generally what/how everyone else is doing at this point in the admissions process.
Hope everyone is doing well!
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2022.01.26 01:33 Western_Coyote5084 3 Foot breaker bar

Im looking for a 3 foot 1/2 breaker bar as a gift for my dad but all i can find is a 3/4 just under 3 foot. so does anyone know where i can find one?
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2022.01.26 01:33 infoday_us RFK Jr. Apologizes For Suggesting Anti-Vaxxers Have It Worse Than Anne Frank

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2022.01.26 01:33 THE_HENTAI_LORD I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to sketch

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2022.01.26 01:33 supercool8292 Married parents who live together both filed as head of household

So I’m a senior in hs and I went to fill out the fafsa. Then I find out both of my parents have been filing separately (like they’re single) as head of household for a couple years now. My dad’s been putting a different address and he claims me, my mom claims my brother…. I’ve asked them if they’d make amends to their taxes and my mom told me they shouldn’t do that, they’d lose too much money, blah blah. They told me they’d file their taxes together this year but that’s just no help now. They’ve been knowingly doing this and my dad who claims me is using an address that isn’t even his. Then… the address my dad is using is actually my grandma’s old address, then my gma files her taxes using our address :P. What a mess lol. Erm … what do I do? My parents just keep on telling me to lie and say they were separated and got back together but that doesn’t seem like a good idea. :)
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2022.01.26 01:33 Redditthought Something I was planning on doing anyway 😈😂

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