2 years into university, thinking of changing career

2022.01.26 02:48 Alice_Cousland 2 years into university, thinking of changing career

I'm 21 and I've been studying literature for 2 years now (Portuguese + Greek), and I feel like academia is not for someone like me. I'm very lucky to being studying in one of the best universities in my country, but being autistic in a place that has clearly not been made with people like you in mind as tanked my grades this last semester. It doesn't help that I don't have any friends there since we've only had online classes and I really suffer with communicating through the internet with being who know my face.
Has anyone here felt something similar and can share their experiences? I don't intend on quitting, I love learning new languages and philosophy and books in general, but I intend on starting to learn programming and seeing how it goes from there.
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2022.01.26 02:48 Inevitable-Effort186 Inspirational sayings/bible verses for women in abusive marriage.

My mother in law thinks she will go to hell if she leaves her abusive husband but I don't think God would mind if she left someone who used to beat her and their sons. He doesn't do these things anymore but is still abusive in other ways. She thinks leaving would be a sin so are there any scripture verses or famous quotes that state otherwise? I'm very aware of how dumb this sounds.
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2022.01.26 02:48 Significant-Piece-44 Finixio

Tad strange that Finixio (same people as LuckyBlock) list this as a service:
We have over 40+ cryptocurrency and trading websites and we have coverage across the globe, our main languages are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, and 9 sites feature in Google News.
Our PR network also has access to over 130+ external crypto-related sites where we can publish your PR, some top examples include:
So the legitimacy of any press regarding Luckyblock is a bit sketchy in my opinion.

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2022.01.26 02:48 Fluffy_Dust_6535 Join cloudspace discord server. Small mc server looking for more members!

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2022.01.26 02:48 ricesumichu Voice Actress Wanting to Enter the ASMR Scene!

Hi everyone! Hope this is okay to write. If it's not, please let me know! I'm really new to the reddit crowd.
I voice act a little and wanted to make an ASMR script reading channel. One of my usual jobs is reading some scripts from here for his channel, so I wanted to try having a channel of my own as well!
Are there any tips I can read on how to get my videos exposed? Or any unique ideas they have been wanting to see others do? I enjoy reading these scripts and really wanted to get involved! I'm also not sure what kind of music/images people like hearing and seeing. Are sound effects important for this as well? Do people like more immersion?
If you have any scripts to recommend to read, I'd love to see them to start out with! Hoping to see everyone in the future as I'll try to lurk around for some scripts. Thanks!
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2022.01.26 02:48 cityroses 🌴PALMTREE🌴+🖤VDAY22🖤 for 20% off!

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2022.01.26 02:48 travelingeast4608 This authentic ab carojo is spicy and unique. Will be picking up more tomorrow

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2022.01.26 02:48 Erick_Mikey019 As a firefighter do you have time to travel and go on vacation?

Is it hard for you guys to travel around the world cause of how your work days are? If you do travel how often do you travel and for how long?
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2022.01.26 02:48 TheSaintlyBartender Isabelle Cornish

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2022.01.26 02:48 _Continual_Learner_ One thing I would like to eventually find out is whether the weapons based off of the Tesseract energy in Captain America sent the people and objects elsewhere in the universe.

We know Red Skull was transported away when he touched the Tesseract, but I’d be interested to find out if there’s some sort of thriving community made up of the descendants of the men and women the Tesseract weapons were used on.
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2022.01.26 02:48 MVPARLLAR45613991 Queen for a Daze by William Easley(Mabel temporary becomes the queen of the gnomes)

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2022.01.26 02:48 haddock420 If a time traveller came to our time and started winning the lottery every week, would they be breaking any laws?

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2022.01.26 02:48 New-Force-4659 White people who say they watch every marvel movie EXCEPT “Black Panther” and Black People who say the only marvel movie they watched is “Black Panther” has the same energy.

Welp, I guess I’m getting canceled today. Here’s the thing, this is mainly base off jokes, but that fact that the jokes exist means that their must me these kind of people out their. For white people who our true fans of marvel, I’m sure you people have seen the Black Panther movie. However, I’m confident that theirs are those fans that found the film to be a bit of a turn off because it was a “black movie.” Meanwhile, Black Panther more then likely gardener a view ship from many black people, even those who’ve never watched any other marvel movie. Which sucks because those people are missing major story points as well as other performances by Chadwick Boseman, an the same goes for those who haven’t watch Black Panther. For me, these people are just two different sides of the same coin. Opinions?
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2022.01.26 02:48 luckyearther ‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’: the stunning comeback of a tornado-wrecked town | Tornadoes

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2022.01.26 02:48 mpatterson524 Richard Records for Sale

Hi all, I figured before listing on Discogs/eBay/etc, I would see if anyone within the community was looking to fill any gaps in their collection. I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of them over the years and want to pass the torch. :-)
Prices are NOT firm, I am totally open to any reasonable offers.
Based in Los Angeles, trying to keep shipping only within CONUS. Media Mail shipping starts at $3.50, up to $5 for larger orders.
Willing to sell as a bundle as a local LA pickup only for a discounted rate.
Extreeeemely conservative grading to be safe, everything plays, worst shape is the Quoth 12”.
• 2 Remixes By AFX (orange labels, Men Records, UK 2001) VG+/GEN $25 • Analord 02 (Rephlex, UK 2005) VG+/GEN, does not have the Rephlex Analord 02 barcode sticker $60 • Analord 10 (picture disc, with original sleeve + bar code sticker, Rephlex, UK 2005) VG+/VG+ $70 • Hangable Auto Bulb EP (limited to 3000, Warp, UK 1995) VG+/GEN $75 • Analogue Bubblebath (Dumb Dan Edit) (bootleg clear vinyl rework 12”, unofficial, UK 2008) VG+/GEN $10 • Promotional Item 2xLP (aka Come to Daddy, some sun fading to cover, Warp UK 1997) $285 • Analogue Bubblebath (TVT, US 1994) VG+/VG $45 • Richard D. James Album (rare mispress of 2001 UK Warp reissue, has Areal Records labels) VG+/VG+ $160 • Universal Indicator Green (12” + 10” + 7”, in original shopping bag, Rephlex UK 1995) VG+ all around $300 • Universal Indicator Blue (in original blue blank sleeve, Rephlex UK 1992) VG+/VG+ $50 • Polygon Window Quoth (wear on the original mix of Quoth on side A plays with popping, Wooden Thump Mix plays clean, Wax Trax US 1993) VG/GEN $35 • The Tuss Rushup Edge 3xLP (original bar code sleeve, some bends to the sleeve, Rephlex UK 2007) VG+/VG $375 • Digeridoo 12” (price tag on cover, original pressing R&S Belgium 1992) VG+/VG+ $35 • Bradley Strider - Bradley’s Beat (original Rephlex sleeve with oversized labels, first ever Rephlex release, UK 1991) $130 • Caustic Window Compilation 3x12” (2002 Rephlex UK reissue, some creasing in sleeve) VG+/VG $75 • Gak 12” (Warp UK 1994) VG+/VG+ $70
Not pictured : • On Remixes 12” (Warp UK 1993) VG+/VG+ $45 • Collapse EP 12” (Warp global 2018) VG+/VG+ $17
Photo — Detailed pictures, of course, available upon any request!
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2022.01.26 02:48 Earbuduserr Question about steam deck

Can I cook toast on it? I would enjoy a nice crispy toast on the go.
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2022.01.26 02:48 majorzero07 Experience of foreign gamers in Korea

I'm from Hong Kong and I have been living in Korea for almost 10 years. I want to know about the experience of foreign gamers in Korea.

Have you guys faced any problems with racism? Are there enough communities for finding partners/friends to play with? Do everything need identity verification (for example making a Korean account) make your life harder? Or simply is just the taste for games are very different for your country and Korea.

For me mostly I face minor racisms (mostly just League solo queue) for example I'm playing with 3 of my other friends from all around the world, Koreans will look at our ID (which obviously not Korean and they will ask if we are Chinese, which is super annoying for me especially I'm from Hong Kong and I just gave up explaining to anyone after 10 years living here lol)

And me and my Korean friends have very different taste for games. Most of my Korean friends will just play the same game over and over again, and I'm more willing to try out new things for example trying (ground branch, zero hour and ready or not even they are all in the same genre/ spending 800 hours in Total war Warhammer 2 with no one to play PvP with cuz no one knows anything about it among my gigantic group of friends).This is not big of a deal I can just play with my friends in Hong Kong and ping is not a huge issue, is just something I want to point out

This is not really their problem nor I'm trying to blame anyone. Is just what I experience and feel after all my years in Korea. And I want to know what do other foreigner thinks regarding to this topic.

What do you guys think ? If you have face anything I did not list on top feel free to elaborate and let me know !! (Sorry for bad English). Even Koreans feel free to give me an insight too !!
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2022.01.26 02:48 Charlie-Ve My cuddle buddy 🥰

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2022.01.26 02:48 Professional_Desk933 Step-by-step guide on how to read whitepapers

Step-by-step guide on how to read whitepapers We all know that the best place to DYOR is in the project's whitepaper, but how do we actually read it ? Do we need to have a computer science background ? Not at all. So i've decided to create a step-by-step guide on how to read crypto whitepapers being an average crypto investors.
First off, you'll need to know a few basic crypto concepts - if you don't, learn about them first, which are:
If you know what all of these concepts are, we shall proceed.
I'm going to link in here a few good whitepapers that you guys can check to get an example of how a whitepaper is supposed to be:

*I must say that there are bad projects with good whitepapers. I'm not by any means saying that any of these blockchains are good, all i'm saying is that their whitepaper is well-written.
*As you may notice. whitepaper.io is a good source to research them.
Now, let's get it to proper analysis of each whitepaper individually.
I'm also going to be posting screenshots of the bitcoin whitepaper as examples.

1) Why the project was created ?
Basic starting point. What is the motivation behind the creation ? What problem does it aim to solve ? How different is it from our current solutions ?
2) What real world utility does it have ?
Nowadays there are a bunch of crypto projects that are a solution looking for a problem. Not everything is supposed to be in the blockchain, guys. Not everything will benefit for being in the blockchain.
Processing img y1y1b286uyd81...
3) How does it achieve consensus in the network ?
This is a very important point. Its not just about being proof-of-stake, proof-of-work, proof-of-whatever. To achieve consensus means solving the byzante general problem somehow - it means how the differentes nodes on a network agrees if a transaction is true or false without direct communicating with each other. That's what make possible to create decentralization.

Processing img 46cng81kvyd81...
4) How was the initial coins distributed ?
In bitcoin, obviously there was no pre-mined coins. The first coin ever mined was by Satoshi Nakamoto himself. But on some blockchains, there are initial tokens distributions through pre-mined coins, specially in proof-of-stake ones. It doesn't make it bad, it's just different and you should look for it in the whitepaper or other sources. I would consider anything over 10% to devs/venture capitalists a bad project.
5) How does it actually work ?
Many whitepapers are going to have a simplificed mechanism of how the network actually functions. If not, you can usually understand it just by reading it. You don't need to udnerstand everything and all the technicalities, just the main picture - just like it is in the bitcoin whitepaper.
Processing img dn7k11dkzyd81...
6) What are the potential weakness of the network and how they are adressed ?
Not all whitepapers are going to have this one, but I highly value when its present, since it shows that the devs are actually worried about the network security and not only interested in marketing/profit.

7) Does it have some math stuff you don't understand ?
Great, now you can ask around at reddit/telegram/etc if this stuff is legit to people that actually understand it! No need to stress over it.

And that's it! That's basically the main things you should be looking for in the whitepaper. Of course, there are going to be much more to read and analyze - this is definitely an oversimplification. But as a starting point, its great!
I must say that there's so many more important things that aren't exactly in the whitepaper most of the time. It's extremely important to consider, for instance, the tokenomics and the background of the dev team, among other things.
*Sorry for any english mistakes, it's not my first language.
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2022.01.26 02:48 Morgan-992 Easy to use and handle – Just a little pressure on the pastry bag, it can create wonderful type cookies and beautiful pattern on the cake. A reusable plastic coupler helps to switch one tip to another one quickly. Reusable and Hardwearing – Made from heavy-duty stainless steel that resists rust

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2022.01.26 02:48 carrshi ANTM Celebrity Edition: Cycle 1, Week 2

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2022.01.26 02:48 cityroses 🌴PALMTREE🌴+🖤VDAY22🖤 for 20% off!

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2022.01.26 02:48 realphantomjake STORIED APES - NFT Giveaway - Upvote and Drop Wallet Address for Chance to Win a Storied Apes Pixel

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2022.01.26 02:48 AnEmptyShell0 Manhwa/Webtoon like I Love Yoo but with more romance

Just read I love yoo recently and loved it although I really wish it had more of a focus on romance and things progressed faster. I know age matters is somewhat similar which I've already finished as well.
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2022.01.26 02:48 v_drago28 Research on Association of Gaming Motives and Time spent in Gaming- No personal Information collected and takes only 10 minutes. Just need to fill a form honestly. Please do participate.

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